The choir was set up in January 2005 by Stuart Stokell, our first Musical Director. It was originally called Brampton Players Choir, mainly because it met at the Brampton Playhouse (now demolished). Stuart had a dream to start a choir, the Playhouse lay empty for many weeks of the year and that is where it all began. The choir quickly went from fortnightly to weekly, although only having about 12 regular members in that first year. It became a very friendly gathering, and as it grew everyone loved attending on Wednesday night for Stuart’s own brand of humour, and his skills at bringing the choir along. When the Playhouse was condemned the choir moved briefly to Brampton Golf Club before settling at Brampton Methodist Church Hall. Over that time it grew to be 60 strong, appointed Jerry King as the accompanist, changed name and had to adopt a constitution, committee and chairman. Sadly in June 2015 Stuart decided to stand down as Musical Director.

The choir has sung at many locations throughout North Cumbria over the years, including the Theatre by the Lake at Keswick where for several years it helped raise thousands of pounds for the British Heart Foundation.The choir has always been dedicated to raising funds for local charities wherever possible.

Stuart developed the choir over his years as the MD, building the singing ability of everyone who turned up. He devoted hours to running the choir alongside his teaching role at the University of Cumbria. Under his guidance the choir gained the great reputation it now has. The aim was always to have a community choir that sang a variety of music, to a high standard, and one that people wanted to listen to and be part of. The quality of the singing is a credit to Stuart’s commitment over the years he was involved and this wish to challenge ourselves and perform more difficult pieces continued under Ryan's baton.

As of March 2019, Ryan left his role as Musical Director to concentrate on other musical commitments. Stuart Stokell returned as our MD and we are looking forward to future successes under his leadership.